Aesthetic dentistry / Luxneers - a new approach in aesthetic dentistry

Luxneers - a new approach in aesthetic dentistry

September 18, 2017 | author : orthodontist, Alexander Volkov

A perfect smile is the cherished dream of many. Modern technologies in the field of aesthetic dentistry allow you to achieve what you want. Today, there are not only conventional veneers, but also innovative ultra-thin Luxneers veneers.


The difference between Luxneers and regular veneers:

  1. The new ultra-thin Luxneers have a lifespan of up to 20 years, when conventional veneers need to be replaced every seven or even five years.
  2. Luxnirs are thinner, which is more comfortable for the patient. The thickness of the luxniers is only 0.3mm.
  3. During installation, native teeth do not go through the stage of turning, as for the installation of conventional veneers. That is, their teeth do not deteriorate and are not deformed.

Luxe installation process 

Luxneers unturned veneers are installed in two stages. At the first session, the doctor takes casts, and at the second session, he installs luxners. Before installation, the teeth and oral cavity must be in a completely healthy condition. If there is caries or other problems, then they must first be cured, and then only be engaged in aesthetic improvement of the smile.

Luxnirs also cannot be installed on teeth that are too crooked. First you need to do their alignment by contacting the orthodontist. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to visit a doctor's consultation regarding the possibility of installation, and, if necessary, undergo treatment.  

Dentists choose Luxneers

Many dentists have already switched to Luxneers instead of conventional veneers for their patients. This technology allows not only to improve the patient's smile in an aesthetic sense, but also has a large number of different advantages.  

The main advantages of Luxneers: 

  • the procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia;
  • the guarantee for luxniers is 6 years; 
  • installation technology does not damage natural teeth; 
  • retain their color, do not chip or crack during wear; 
  • eliminate irregularities, stains, chips and other external defects of the teeth;
  • a completely reversible process, that is, at any time, luxniers can be removed;
  • three times thinner than conventional veneers. 

Luxneers new ultra-thin veneers are recommended by top dentists. They are chosen by those patients for whom not only a perfect and snow-white smile is important for a long time, but also oral health.

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