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Why do gums hurt? All the most common reasons

March 15, 2015 | author : dentist, Gaiduk Igor

Every person has experienced pain in the gums at least once in their life. This problem occurs due to many reasons, and getting rid of it can sometimes be quite difficult. In today's article, we will look at the causes of gum pain, why they hurt with a cold, and how to treat this ailment.

Why do gums hurt?

Why do gums swell and hurt?

Why do gums swell with a cold

In order to get rid of pain and swelling of the gums, you need to know the cause of these phenomena. These include:
  • Outside intervention . Gums can hurt from injuries and cuts, as well as after a tooth extraction procedure. After healing of problem areas, the pain subsides and no longer disturbs its owner.
  • Gingivitis . This disease appears due to insufficient care of the teeth and oral cavity. The reproduction of bacteria and microbes provokes inflammation of the gums, they begin to swell and hurt, and in some cases bleed and weaken, and stop enveloping the teeth as before. If you do not contact the doctor in time, gingivitis can cause periodontitis, the treatment of which can be delayed indefinitely.
  • Periodontitis . This disease is associated with inflammation of the tooth root, so most often the pain in the gums is localized in one place. The cause of inflammation can be a poor-quality prosthesis, crown pressure, the appearance of caries near the gums, as well as biting off too hard food. Pus forms in the gums, causing pain and inflammation. If you do not see a doctor in time, periodontitis is fraught with complications, so this disease must be treated at the slightest of its manifestations.
  • Stomatitis . Such an ailment appears due to the use of too cold or hot food, salty or sour dishes, smoking, insufficient amounts of vitamins, etc. With stomatitis, the gums will swell and hurt until they completely get rid of inflammation and can calmly respond to food intake .
  • Periodontal disease . There can be several reasons for the appearance of this disease: firstly, metabolic disorders, secondly, heart and vascular diseases, thirdly, gout and diabetes, fourthly, frequent stress, fifthly, heredity. With any contact with the gums, they begin to hurt, react strongly to sour, salty, hot and cold foods. If the development of this disease is not stopped, then teeth will soon begin to loosen and fall out.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that with pain in the gums, you must immediately contact a dentist who will stop the development of a particular disease in time and help get rid of it in a short time.

Why do gums swell with a cold?

Why do gums swell with a coldDuring the course of colds, many people notice swelling of the gums and aching pain in them. The fact is that temperature can provoke pain in different parts of the body, and the oral cavity is no exception. In addition, the weakening of the immune system and its fight against viruses allows microbes and bacteria to multiply and cause various diseases of the gums and teeth, so during this period it is important to carry out regular and complete care of the oral cavity and teeth. Also, a cold can activate those diseases that do not give themselves any symptoms, and only at a temperature they begin to actively act and have their negative effect on the gums, teeth and oral cavity as a whole.

If a cold is accompanied by swelling and pain in the gums, treatment should be started immediately to stop the development of possible diseases and help the body recover from the disease in a short time.

How to treat sore gums?

How to treat sore gumsTreatment of diseased gums is a very time-consuming process, in which it is necessary to comply with all the instructions of the dentist. Alternative methods can also help, the use of which must be discussed with a specialist. So, the most effective remedies for gum pain are:


  • Medicines . Drug treatment is the most effective and at the same time the most dangerous. The fact is that they can negatively affect other organs and systems, so they should be prescribed by an experienced doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person’s health and his diseases. The most popular drugs are Analgin, Ketanov, Tavegil, Cipofloxacin and Paracetamol. Also, many doctors recommend using Parodium and Dentol gels. In some cases, gum massage can help, but it is not always prescribed, so you should not make a decision on its own.
  • Salt . With its help, you need to rinse after each meal. A glass of water will require a teaspoon of salt, the temperature of the prepared product should be optimal so as not to irritate sore gums.
  • Hydrogen peroxide . This remedy will help relieve pain and relieve swelling. To prepare the rinse mixture, you need to mix equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide and rinse your gums with it after each meal.
  • Tea . A bag of black tea can help relieve swelling and pain. We apply it in a warm form to the gum for 10-15 minutes, and do not eat or drink anything for half an hour. The tannins found in tea can relieve pain, stop bleeding and rid the gums of tumors.
  • Chamomile . An infusion of chamomile is considered the most effective remedy for getting rid of gingivitis. To prepare the infusion, you need to brew 30 g of dried chamomile in 150 ml of hot water, wait until the product has cooled down and cool it to 30-35 degrees. Rinse your gums with this remedy after each meal.

With swelling and pain of the gums, there is no point in postponing a visit to the dentist, because. These symptoms will not go away on their own. Moreover, various complications are possible, which will entail many problems with other body systems. By visiting the dentist in time, you can stop the inflammatory processes in the gums and return them to a healthy state in the shortest possible time.

What to do if the gums hurt a lot?

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