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Swollen gums. What is the reason and how to treat?

May 29, 2015 | author : dentist, Gaiduk Igor

A swollen gum causes discomfort while chewing food, spoils the appearance of the face, and also causes a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately, very often a visit to the dentist is postponed until the pain becomes unbearable. Swollen gums are a kind of body reaction to the development of an inflammatory process inside them or in one of the teeth. In this situation, it is necessary to identify the cause in which the inflammation began, since the further course of action will depend on this.

Why do gums swell and hurt?

It is possible to single out how many reasons, the result of which is the development of swelling in the gum area:

  • damage to the gums during mechanical action, which can occur in the process of eating certain foods. You can injure the gums when using a toothbrush with very hard bristles, improper use of a toothpick, as well as eating foods such as fish, seeds and nuts;
  • In most cases, swelling of the gums occurs with the development of dental diseases, the most common of which are caries, periodontal disease, pulpitis, gingivitis and gum disease. In the absence of timely treatment, microorganisms from the carious area enter the tooth pulp, where the inflammatory process develops. In the future, there is a movement of microorganisms through the root canals from the inflamed pulp to the top of the tooth, where the purulent process begins. Swollen gums are a characteristic symptom of a disease such as periodontal disease, and untimely access to a doctor can lead to further loosening of the tooth and loss;
  • even going to the dentist can cause inflammation and swelling of the gums and this happens as a result of poor-quality dental fillings and not following basic hygiene rules. The patient's unwillingness to treat caries leads to the fact that an intensive process of its further progression begins under the filling, and subsequently this will lead to the accumulation of pus. The intensive process of microbial reproduction leads to damage not only to the teeth of the oral cavity, but also to the gums. There is a significant swelling of the gums, unpleasant pain and the appearance of drops of blood;
  • swelling of the gums is a characteristic symptom of pregnancy, which develops as a result of hormonal changes in the woman's body;
  • Another cause of swollen gums can be the eruption of a wisdom tooth. Many patients neglect the visit to the dentist in this case, because they consider the pain and swelling during teething to be normal. However, in some cases, the wisdom tooth can grow at an angle, which makes it difficult to erupt and is the main cause of gum swelling. A visit to the doctor will help determine the direction of tooth growth using an x-ray and, if necessary, a small incision will be made, which will facilitate the process of eruption of the wisdom tooth and relieve the patient of pain;

Of course, the appearance of pain in the teeth, as well as their swelling, is a sharp reason to visit the dental office. After all, not a single toothache goes away on its own, you can only drown out its symptoms and pain, but after a while they will declare themselves again. Such a frivolous attitude towards oneself will lead to the fact that instead of the usual treatment, the dentist will require surgical intervention.

How to treat swollen gums?

Of course, if you experience pain in the gums or swelling, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible to find out the causes of this phenomenon and prescribe the appropriate treatment. But it often happens that an immediate visit to the doctor is impossible, and in this case you have to resort to the use of improvised means to alleviate your condition.

The main rule that should be observed in the treatment of swollen gums is in no case to apply a warm compress or heating pad to the source of pain. Exposure to high temperature can drown out the pain, but at the same time, an intensive process of pus formation in the gums will begin and there will be a threat that the abscess will break through.

If the cause of the appearance of the tumor lies in teething, then various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs will become the most effective means. A good and affordable antiseptic is ordinary baking soda, the solution of which is used for rinsing the mouth. A gum tumor can also be removed with a solution made from salt and baking soda. To alleviate the condition and reduce the number of microbes will help 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is diluted with water and used to rinse the gums.

Of course, we should not forget about the effect of medicinal herbs such as calendula, sage and chamomile. Infusions prepared on their basis guarantee a quick and positive effect. To prepare the infusion, take 5 grams of each drug, mix with each other and pour hot water. The infusion process should take place in a water bath for 30-40 minutes, after which the prepared solution should be filtered and used to rinse the mouth every 50-60 minutes.

If the prepared infusions of medicinal solutions do not give a positive effect, then it is worth resorting to taking medications that eliminate the focus of pain and inflammation in a short period of time. The most common drugs for gum tumors that can be purchased at the pharmacy network are drugs such as chlorhexidine and Metrogyl denta gel. Among painkillers, you can use ketanov, solpadein or ketalong.

For rinsing the mouth among the drugs, you can choose givalex, stomatodin or mivalex.

If the cause of gum swelling lies in the development of a certain dental disease or in poor-quality dental treatment, then the only right decision in this situation will be a visit to the dentist. Even if you still managed to remove the tumor and get rid of the pain in the gums, you should not postpone the visit to the clinic for an indefinite period. And, of course, do not forget the golden rule that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat later. Compliance with basic hygiene procedures, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important components of healthy gums and teeth.

Oleg - October 8, 2016

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